Reasons for not getting listed are potentially very broad. Typical software that doesn’t get accepted on MacUpdate include:

  • Dashboard widgets that are simple counters or countdown functions.
  • Search widgets that load the browser the instead of loading the results inside the widget itself.
  • Static picture or decoration widgets, or any widget that doesn’t have functionality.
  • Pre-alpha applications that seem very unfinished, as if they were a first build of “hello world.”
  • Pornographic material
  • Spyware
  • Viruses
  • Commercial applications without a downloadable demo.
  • Applications that exist only to duplicate a function already met by the default Mac OS.
  • Applications that lack an English translation.

These are a brief representation of some things we don’t accept on MacUpdate. The list could be much more complex so if your submission doesn’t show up on MacUpdate in a timely manner, feel free to email and inquire why. We only ask that you do this the same day your submit the program, otherwise our memory may fail and we won’t remember your submission.