While the new MacUpdate Desktop 6 is incredibly easy to use, we also provide a number of preferences so you can really make it your own.

Here’s what each option does:

  • Show Mac App Store apps – If you have a lot of apps you’ve purchased from the Mac App Store (MAS), you’ll want to give this option a check.
  • Show Beta Version Updates – If you like to live dangerously this is the option for you. When enabled MacUpdate Desktop will show you the absolute newest versions (even those crazy betas!).
  • Show apps with no matching data – In rare cases you may have an app installed that MacUpdate Desktop doesn’t recognize. By default these are hidden, however you can check this preference to reveal them in your list of apps.
  • Show updates that require newer OS version – Sometimes a developer will release a new version of an app that requires a newer operating system than the one you’re currently using. For example you may be using OS X 10.7 Lion and an update requires OX 10.8 Mountain Lion. By default MacUpdate Desktop will protect you by not updating these applications. You can use this option to toggle this if you would like (best for power users).
  • Show updates that are paid updates – Often the newest version of an app will require an upgrade fee, if you would like to see these updates presented in MacUpdate Desktop you can check this option.
  • Automatically add Downloads to Watch List – If you would like to automatically add each of your downloads to your Watch List you can use this preference. This can be handy for keeping track of all of the apps you’ve installed or updated on your Mac.
  • Send email for apps added to Watch Lists – Use this to receive an email each time an app in your Watch Lists is updated.
  • Show notification when updates complete – Enable or disable system notifications for completed updates and installations.
  • Save download after update completes – By default MacUpdate Desktop deletes all of the files it uses for the installation process. If you’d like to keep the downloads, you can enable that with this setting. Note, this is not recommended for users with smaller Hard Drives or SSDs.
  • Launch MacUpdate Desktop at startup – Modify MacUpdate Desktop’s startup behavior.
  • Show advanced options (pre 6.0.1 -includes Beta versions) - By enabling this preference you will turn on the “Set Version to Current” and “Report a Problem” options when right-clicking on an app in MacUpdate Desktop. Starting with version 6.0.1 “advanced options” are included in the standard right-click option menu.