What registration options do you work with?

We are committed to supporting universal registration options for our developer community. We have an overview of common registration options here

How do we view sales information? Is there a portal to see all the sales with details?

You can view your sales and download data in your developer dashboard. Log into your MacUpdate developer account and you can view this link: http://www.macupdate.com/member/account-developer

What customer information is provided to us when a sale is made?

We provide customer name and email for support purposes.  If you create a POST or GET query we can pass additional data based not the parameters you request.

Can we stop selling through MacUpdate at any time? Are there any penalties for doing so?

You can stop selling from MacUpdate at any time without penalty.  All you need to do is email promo@macupdate.com and ask them to discontinue your sales profile.

What is the MacUpdate return policy?

As noted on our FAQ (http://deals.macupdate.com/faq) we are do not offer refunds on items sold through MacUpdate Promo. Because of this, we always make an effort to ensure a free trial of each application we sell is available, along with a screencast, a thorough description, and detailed user reviews. This is done so that our users can make a fully informed decision before making a purchase.