Once you have downloaded MacUpdate Desktop 6 on your Mac and you are logged in, your experience browsing the MacUpdate.com website becomes enhanced.

  • Install buttons appear when you mouse over any app listings on the homepage, App Collections, search results or anywhere else where you would otherwise "download" a Mac app through your web browser. This saves times because it minimizes the amount of browsing needed on the macupdate.com site and cuts the time needed to get an app properly installed on your Mac by 90%.

Install buttons on search results

  • You no longer have to use the website if you want to quickly search for apps and install them. Simply click on the MacUpdate Desktop menu item icon and enter your search query. Then click "Install" to download and properly install the app on your Mac. This is absolutely the fastest way any Mac user can find and install apps on their Mac.

MacUpdate Desktop menu item search results

  • We're beginning to test customizing content on our website that caters to your interests. For example, on our homepage you'll notice that we show you other apps similar to ones that you've recently viewed. Why wouldn't other apps that thousands of your Mac peers recommend be of interest!? Improve yourself by improving the tools you use on your Mac.

Custom, relevant content

  • More to come. We think the MacUpdate Desktop engine offers incredible opportunity to help make the App Discovery experience more engaging and relevant for everyone. Stay tuned and we put our team resources toward becoming the best App Discovery platform.