Downloading Mac apps in your web browser is a terrible user experience, plain and simple. Macs are supposed to be easy to use but most people can't figure out how to properly download and install Mac apps.

MacUpdate Desktop 6 makes it easy to find and install Mac apps with just 1-click.

The first thing you're going to want to do is download MacUpdate Desktop to your Mac. It enhances your experience on the website as well as saves you time and trouble when installing new apps on your Mac.

Download MacUpdate Desktop

MacUpdate Desktop also shows you all of the apps on your Mac that need to be updated to the latest version. Outdated apps show up in the menu item, or in red in the large "geekier" version of the app list. Simply click "Update" or double-click an app in red to automatically update it to its latest version.


Have you downloaded it yet? Download MacUpdate Desktop to your Mac now!

  1. Open the MacUpdate Desktop download and drag & drop it to your applications folder [image of mounted DMG]
  2. Launch MacUpdate Desktop and login using the account you just created mud_login
  3. MacUpdate Desktop will now scan your Mac for updates! Want to learn more, check out more guides.

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