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Quick Overview

  • Keep your reviews and comments focused on the product
  • Avoid writing about customer service; contact us or the developer instead if you have issues requiring immediate attention
  • Refrain from mentioning the specific price you paid for the product
  • Do not include any personally identifiable information, such as full names
  • All content must comply with our Community Guidelines

A guide to better app reviews:

We appreciate reviews that get to the point with a short list of pros and cons. This should be followed by a general summary of your review, i.e. "Onyx is a critical piece of my troubleshooting arsenal." or "A very handy tool especially when using an external monitor on a MacBook."

It is most helpful to describe a specific function and how you use it. For example, what problem does it solve for you?

Other thoughts to keep in mind:

- How long have you used it?

- Was it easy to learn?

- What do you think of the user interface?

- Have you experienced errors often or not at all?

- Do you have any tips for first time users of the app?

Remember, your unique experiences are helpful, but too many details can make the review less valuable to the reader. Some people will read every word, but others will just scan so be sure to stick to your message and group related ideas together.

Some Examples:

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